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About Spacejunk

Spacejunk opened its doors in October 2003 in Grenoble - France. Set up in order to propose a real place of expression to the artists of Lowbrow, Board Culture, Pop Surealism movement the success of this space very quickly attracted a young public, showing the relevance of this project.

Since 2003, the owner of the project and curator Jérome Catz did multiple exhibitions and events, partnerships and projects, thanks to its contacts, innovative approach and a choice of celebrated or upcoming artists.

The artists of those milieu are numerous… their creativity is infinite, so is their talent… and the history shows it already. The majority of these artists only live to progress, whether it is in technique or style… Do not be astonished if you see here certain big names of tomorrow…

The exhibitions generally last 45 days and turn in the four Spacejunk Art Centers in France. Some exhibitions travel much further, going to China, Australia, South America and the USA.
The annual report of these activities is published each September in the shape of a catalogue of exhibitions.

Welcome to Spacejunk.

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