Bio :

For the last 24 years, Ahero maintains and represents a certain spirit of Graffiti (of the “writing” more precisely). His path, although sprinkled with exhibitions in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bristol, such as “Qeestomshow” and ” Tag the system ” (2005), ” Teddy troops tour” (2006) or still ” Munny shot! ” (2007) has always been the closest to the street and to the roots of his discipline.

His history is rich of projects in the textile industry (participating in the birth of the Sixpack shop in 1998), in the graffiti world (with the creation of “PapySpray” in 2003), or even in the Artoyz scene. According to him, the interest of contemporary art to the graffiti distorts its original values. His choice to present what he has of more intimate with the street rather than beautiful coloured canvas is another way to stick as close as possible to the roots of Graffiti. The medium choice and his work on the “flop” illustrate his desire of sharing “life’s moments” before any economic artistic consideration. This exhibition at Spacejunk was, for him, the opportunity to deliver us, without any constraints a part of his history.

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