Andy Howel

Bio :

Andy Howell was one of the most talented pro skaters of his generation. As of 1987, he is already on the sidelines of an institutionalized circuit; but a leader nonetheless, he is recognized for his incredible style and his unbounded creativity. Like most impassioned people, Andy Howell expends an incomparable amount of energy and consumes his passions more quickly than anyone alive. He burns through projects and creations and is on the front line of the skateboarding industry’s avant-garde: The New Deal, Sophisto, Element, Girly Things are just a few of the brands to spring from his creative well. It is impossible to enumerate the number of drawings, ads and other skateboard graphics born of his talent. In addition to his artistic creativity, Andy is also a brilliant entrepreneur, but one who is (too) easily bored. The act of creation is perhaps simply too beautiful and too intense, what comes after… well, it doesn’t really matter. This Master of the Board, in every sense of the term, is the heart and soul of Board Culture creativity, and remains one of the strongest references of the skateboarding universe.

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